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Соната для фортепиано № 3 (Бетховен)

Соната для фортепиано № 3 до мажор, op. 2 № 3 - сочинение Л. ван Бетховена, написанное в 1794 - 1795 годах, вместе с сонатами № 1 и № 2, и посвящённое Йозефу Гайдну. То, что эти три сонаты были посвящены самокритичным Бетховеном своему учителю, говорит о том, что сам автор считал эти произведения весьма удачными. Эти три написанные для фортепиано сонаты ор. 2 были изданы в 1796 году, однако доподлинно известно, что задолго до их публичного обнародования они широко обсуждались в профессиональных музыкальных кругах. Это был далеко не первый опыт композитора в данной области, однако, по мнению ряда искусствоведов, именно этими музыкальными произведениями было положено начало тому периоду фортепианного творчества Людвига ван Бетховена, благодаря которому последний сумел заслужить всеобщее признание. В ранних произведениях композитора исследователи часто находят элементы подражания Гайдну и Моцарту. Однако, нельзя отрицать того, что и в первых фортепианных сонатах Людвига ван Бетховена присутствует оригинальность и самобытность, которые затем обрели тот неповторимый облик, который позволил его произведениям выдержать испытание временем. Соната для фортепиано № 3 Бетховена состоит из четырёх частей: 1) Allegro con brio, 2) Adagio, 3) Scherzo. Allegro, 4) Allegro assai.

Соната для фортепиано № 3 (Скрябин)

Соната для фортепиано № 3 фа-диез минор, соч. 23 написана русским композитором А. Н. Скрябиным в 1897 - 1898 годах. Соната состоит из четырёх частей. Её исполнение занимает около 18 минут.

Соната для фортепиано № 3 (Шопен)

Соната для фортепиано № 3 си-минор, Op. 58 - фортепианная соната Фредерика Шопена, написана в 1844 году и посвящена графине Emilie de Perthuis. Наряду с предыдущей второй сонатой это произведение Шопена считается одним из самых сложных как в техническом, так и в музыкальном плане.

Соната для фортепиано № 3

Соната для фортепиано № 3 - название нескольких классических произведений: Соната для фортепиано № 3 - соната Вайнберга. Соната для фортепиано № 3 - соната Шопена. Соната для фортепиано № 3 - соната Скрябина. Соната для фортепиано № 3 - соната Шаррино. Соната для фортепиано № 3 - соната Прокофьева. Соната для фортепиано № 3 - соната Моцарта. Соната для фортепиано № 3 - соната Брамса. Соната для фортепиано № 3 - соната Шуберта. Соната для фортепиано № 3 - соната Шумана. Соната для фортепиано № 3 - соната Бетховена.


Sleepio is a digital sleep-improvement program featuring cognitive behavioral therapy techniques developed by sleep scientist Colin Espie and ex-insomnia sufferer Peter Hames. Sleepio was tested in a randomized placebo-group clinical trial in 2012. In a commentary on this research published by The Lancet, Sleepio was described as" a proven intervention for sleep disorders using the internet”. The journal Nature described Sleepio as" about as effective as CBT delivered in person”.


Sleepeezee is a British manufacturer of mattresses situated in Kent. It has a Royal Warrant of Appointment for its products. Travelodge UK feature their mattresses.


Sleepyard is a psychedelic pop band from Norway formed by Oliver and Svein Kersbergen in 1994. After a couple of demo cassette releases, the band released the minialbum" Intersounds” on their own label Orange music in 1998. This was hailed as one of the very first post rock albums from Norway. Sleepyard released" The runner” on trust me records 2003 and contributed music to the movie Monsterthursday, which was nominated for best foreign film in the 2005 Sundance film festival. Next album "Easy Tensions" saw the band reaching for a more mellow and richer sound. Their multi tracked vocal harmonies reminded critics of the Beach Boys and drew comparisons to the psychedelic sound of Smile. "Future lines" from 2009 saw the band move into a more jazzy and ambient direction. It featured contributions from Pianist Mike Garson and Sonic Boom from Spacemen 3 In 2010 the band collaborated with Jim Shepherd of The Jasmine Minks and released a 7" Down Tangerine Road on his Oatcake Records. It also featured Jim Shepherd singing the title track and "Only You" plus the track psychedelic pop song Dear melody which was a solo cut by Sleepyard. Oliver produced and co wrote a couple of tracks with Judy Dyble former vocalist for Fairport Convention during 2012. "Blue barracuda" was included on Fuxa Dirty D album which came out on Rocket Girl in summer 2013. The rest did end up on the next Sleepyard album, Black Sails "Wall Of Confusion" was a split cassette release with Devita on Lithuanian label Agharta Tapes. It featured Sleepyard with experimental noise recordings in tribute to composer Karlheinz Stockhausen. Sleepyard released Black Sails on US label Global Recording Artists in March 2014. This album featured special guest musicians Judy Dyble, Geoff Leigh, Randall Nieman of Fuxa and Mike Garson. Nik Turner formerly of space rock band Hawkwind on a version of The Seeds Chocolate River. This song will also be featured on an upcoming tribute album to frontman and vocalist Sky Saxon.


Sleepwave is a rock band based out of St. Petersburg, Florida. It was founded in 2013 by vocalist Spencer Chamberlain after the dissolution of Underoath. Chamberlain brought in longtime friend Stephen Bowman, and the band signed with Epitaph Records. Shortly after, the duo announced their debut album, Broken Compass. Their song, "Through the Looking Glass", peaked at number 37 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart following its release in July 2014.


Sleepify is an album by the funk band Vulfpeck. The release does not contain any audible music, and consisted solely of ten, roughly 30-second-long tracks of silence; the album was made available on the music streaming service Spotify, where the band encouraged consumers to play the album on a loop while they slept. In turn, royalties from the playing of each track on the "album" were to be used to crowdfund a free concert tour by the band. The album was pulled by Spotify on April 26, 2014, citing violations of the services content policies. It was estimated that the band would be able to collect at least US$20.000 in royalty payments from streams of Sleepify, although it was unclear if the band would receive the money. In July 2014, Billboard reported that the band received royalties totalling $19.655 plus an anticipated $1.100 forthcoming, and that the band was in the process of organizing a tour. In August, Vulfpeck announced the admission-free Sleepify Tour in the United States scheduled for September 2014. The album exposed a loophole in Spotifys royalty calculation model. In March 2015, band founder Jack Stratton proposed a more equitable model for Spotify payout distribution in which each artists payout is based solely on that artists listeners, rather than every listener using the service.


Sleepline is the fifteenth studio album by electronic and vaporwave artist Vektroid under the alias New Dreams Ltd., released on February 14, 2016. The album was released simultaneously with Fuji Grid TV EX and Shader Complete, reissues of her extended play Prism Genesis and her album Shader. The album is part of the vaporwave and new age genres, and features samples of Japanese television commercials from the 1980s, particularly those advertising airlines and holiday destinations. The album can be streamed on her Bandcamp. In 2018, Sleepline was re-released on CD and vinyl.


sleepmakeswaves are an Australian post-rock band who formed in Sydney, New South Wales in December 2006. The group is currently composed of guitarist Otto Wicks-Green, drummer Tim Adderley, and bassist/keyboardist Alex Wilson. To date, they have released one extended play and three full-length studio albums, as well as a split EP with Perth band Tangled Thoughts of Leaving, a US-only promotional EP, and a remix album. The band have achieved notable success internationally for their energetic live performances and modern approach to the post-rock genre. They are currently released through Australian independent record label Birds Robe Records, which is distributed through MGM in Australia and independently worldwide. In 2013, UK label Monotreme Records licensed their debut album for an international release across the UK, Europe, and North America.


Sleepys was a retail mattress chain with over 1.000 stores, primarily situated in the northeastern United States. The company was founded in New York City in 1931. Sleepys was acquired by Mattress Firm in December 2015 and all stores were rebranded under the Mattress Firm name on January 1, 2017, but the website continued as an online retailer until 2018. Mattress Firm now uses the Sleepys name for their private label mattresses.


Sleepercar is the alternative country project of Jim Ward, a member of Sparta and former member of At the Drive-In. Regarding the band, Ward has noted that: "I think it will always be my band. People can come and go as they please: I don’t want the stress of trying to maintain five or six happinesses, I love playing with the guys and when they want to move on, I will support them in whatever ways I can."


The band released an EP in 2008, To Speak, To Love To Listen followed by their debut album, Just Another Ghost, in 2010 and subsequently secured placements for their music in films and on television, most notably the TV Series Vampire Diaries, as well as the film trailer for the Tom Hanks movie Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. They toured the College circuit in 2010-2011, and in 2012 recorded six songs blue eyes, which was released in January 2013. In started to record their next full-length album. Called "Lost machines", it was released in 2014. The first single, "lost without you" was released on 17 March 2014, the second single, "Apocalypse" was released with a music video. The band continued to tour in support of blue eyes and including a stop at SXSW

Sleepy Hollow (season 3)

The third season of the Fox television series Sleepy Hollow premiered on October 1, 2015, and consisted of 18 episodes. This season it moved time slots to Thursdays at 9:00 pm. On February 5, 2016, the show premiered in its new timeslot of Friday at 8:00 pm.